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Índex 5: Estancias

Hilario Galguera Gallery

Pathways, signs and gems

Vaivén Collectors

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Construccion # 4 IMG_9343.jpg

Cien del MUAC

Construcción #4, 2018

With MUAC: One Hundred Works, the museum presents its collection with a multiple discourse, guided not by a single thematic line, but by the relevance that certain pieces and creators have already acquired for our understanding of contemporary art in Mexico. We have therefore decided to present the spectator with a set of pieces that we consider to be essential to recent art history.

Gottlieb Foundation, 2021

Construcción #18, 2018

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Arróniz 29 Junio- 28 Agosto, 2021

Arróniz presents a selection of recent paintings by represented artists and new collaborations. The exhibition proposes a review of the current panorama of contemporary painting with local, national and international artists. The show will transform throughout its exhibition to include new pieces and new artists.