Red Gate Artist Residency, 2015
Beijin, China.



Memory and duality: 30 days


This installation is a product of walks from day april 16 when i arrived in china till day may 22.

It is the product of walks, journeys and paths that i have been doing trying to find a way to talk about the “memory” of the site, the palce, china, so many realities, contrasts, and dualities, all coexistting.

I wanted to make a path, a passage, where to discover slowly.

All what i have encontered on ‘my path’.

May it be wonderful carved stones, wood, magnificent embroideries man made ivory, resin casted stones, plastic and lead flowers, real stones found in sites i have walked along, and much more… aluminum materials given to me by local beigao craftsmen,

Made in a rudimentary and fast way, but wondefuly serving the purpose.

Black and white is important, contrasts, drawings, prints,

Installing these materials in a larger “painting installation”, almost as drawing in space.

Change is also important, movement, and so i keep changing all the time the work fomr one palce to another, and it becomes part of the work itself.

Layers of these all pieces and gather all these materials and make something as a bigger paiting and piece.

Drawings, made by me or other artist from xinping, or bought in market in beijing,. It canbe prints, or pain-tings, where nature comes along?

Perla Krauze