Perla Krauze 

Suspended Blues, 2013
Gal. Sonja Roesch
Houston USA

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My art work is informed in many ways by the actual site where I live and work.


It explores nature, time and memory.  It is multidisciplinary since it goes  from painting and drawing to sculpture, installations, and recently video, photo and site interventions to dialogue with  the site and space.


I use various materials, such as paint, lead, water, resin, stone, aluminum, sugar, glass, ceramic, paper, artificial or natural  flowers and plants,  letting each one of them express their own  specific qualities , such as  maleability, toxicity, atemporality or permanence. I am interested in process,  transformation and  shift. The work explores issues as dualities and contradictions between the natural and the artificial, the rational and the emotional, the permanent and the precarious or ephemeral.


Since 10 years ago, there is work that  evolves from  walks or journeys, recording  or documenting  them in various ways,  making evident somehow the “traces” of time and memory of each site where I work. It becomes a personal or emotional mapping of the sites I encounter.


These installations become at times environments with an archaelogical nuance, or interventions on site specific public spaces, where I try to make visible the marks, traces or fissures of the urban sidewalks or the landscape.  The issue is to make more visible the non visible in a way,  enter  into the  details of the everyday surroundings, often overlooked, drawing attention to the specific traces of  the site, the topography, normally seen but not  really perceived.  A kind of unearthing the overlooked, raising the mundaine and everyday to empower it with a beauty and rarity of its own.



For this exhibit, I came to Houston in march and did imprints/frottages  from the gallery space and floors. Then went back to Mexico to do the blue paintings you see here.


I decided to do an exhibit with more color. Color has become part of the work spacially though resin. So I did work that tries to have color as a second subject matter. The stones adn rocks are gathered by me, collected in walks and always do moulds with them and reproduce them in casted resin and fiber glass.


My work wants to be a celebration of nature, a reflection on the sublime of the landscape, urban or rural, and an attempt to let us all feel a somehow contemplative moment.